The Value of Consolidating Your Purchasing with Ecol Services Group (ESG)

Today’s business environment requires that we all do more with less.  Vendor consolidation reduces transactional costs and increases your leverage.  Let us help you create efficiencies and economics of scale.

  • Vendor Consolidation Improves Purchasing Power

Vendor consolidation immediately increases a company’s purchasing power on required services.  By reducing the number of vendors the total spent increases and you end up with more favorable pricing.

  • Vendor Consolidation Produces Significant Soft Costs

There are some significant soft costs that can be accrued from consolidation.   One of them includes bill payments.  Fewer bill payments and fewer vendors to pay, helps to reduce the costs associated with issuing cheques, and reconciling vendor orders.

  • Vendor Consolidation Improves Quality and Customer Service

Companies that have strict rules on vendor qualifications typically benefit from excellent quality in terms of both the customer service and amount of account time allocated by account executives at ESG.